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AIGO per la prima edizione del Marriott Travel Partner Conference

21 April 2015
Discover Lithuania

AIGO organises the second edition of the workshop ‘Discover Lithuania’

25 November 2014

Katara Hospitality appoints AIGO for media relations in the Italian Market

21 August 2014
2 Rome EY084 arrival Italian and UAE flags

ETIHAD AIRWAYS flights to Rome

16 July 2014
Picture by ParcGuell

Catalunya with AIGO for social media activities

14 July 2014

AIGO is a marketing and communications agency that has specialised in tourism, travel and hospitality.


Food Tourism: culinary experiences as a means of discovering countries?

30 October 2014

Immagine_sitoAIGOAigo and PANGAEA NETWORK present the findings of the last research, focussing on ‘travel food’.

389 travel professionals in five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK were asked to say their opinion. The aim was to analyze one of the segments that had a significant growth over the past three years.

Food tourism as a dining experience that enriches and influences the choice of the destination. What percentage of travel business is represented by food tourism? Where do culinary travellers go? What they like to do during their journey?

Click here to download the study

Observatory 2014: “Luxury Travel Trends – 4th edition”

12 March 2014

AIGO and Pangaea Network present the findings of the survey dedicated to Luxury Travel and International Trends, now in its fourth edition.

Last February, we interviewed 368 tourism professionals in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK in order to identify the trends regarding sales and frequency of trips, the average budget. The report also highlights the destinations on the rise and a profile of the luxury traveller, his needs, source of information and the main factors influencing his final choice; we also asked the to express a forecast for the current year.

Download the survey

Observatory 2013: “Top International Travel Marketing Trends for 2014 “

5 December 2013

AIGO and Pangaea Network present a forecast report  focusing on six International Travel  Marketing Trends for next year. We asked ourselves: “What can we learn from other industries, other countries and other brands? What are the key marketing trends that will be shaping the way we will work in the forthcoming future?” The report also includes a concise snapshot of key figures for inbound and outbound travel from major tourism-generating markets and destinations. If you are interested in the digital media phenomena, this should be the document you can refer to in 2014.

Download the Report

Observatory 2013: AIGO presents “LGBT Travel Trends”

25 October 2013

AIGO  and Pangaea Network publish the findings of the research dedicated to LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender).

A panel of  373 tourism professionals has taken the survey within Italy, France, UK, Germany and Spain.

Is there an LGBT segment in tourism? Does the LGBT customer require specialised products? Which destinations does he prefer? Is it important to be labelled as a gay-friendly agency?

Download the results of the survey “LGBT – Tourism Travel Trends”

Observatory 2013: AIGO presents “Luxury Travel Trends – 3rd Edition.”

23 May 2013

After the 2010 and 2011 editions, Aigo and Pangaea Network publish the results of the third edition of the survey on luxury travel trends. The research aims to keep tracking the market state, highlight the trends that have got footing in the last two years and identify the profile of the modern luxury traveller.

For the first time in the 2013 edition, the panel has been expanded, including China and Brazil which have witnessed in recent years an increase in demand for luxury goods, and specifically in travel destinations and top-end facilities.

Download the results of the survey “Luxury Travel Trends – III Ed.”