“Viva la libertà, con stile” is the new APC Campaign Slogan

10 November 2022

Travelling by camper van as a new luxury experience towards voyagers of all ages.

The advertising campaign of APC, Associazione Produttori Caravan e Camper, is online since November 8th.

Its aim is to create awareness around travelling by camper van as a new luxury experience and to intercept a new audience of potential campers. The target they are trying to reach is diversified: from silver travellers who have both spending power and free time at their disposal, to families, to young couples who appreciate the dynamic experience of travelling by camper van.

The creativity, signed by AIGO, uses a new visual language and communication style to strengthen this new positioning and tells how campers allow to fully live every moment of one’s free time.

The claim of the campaign: “Viva la libertà con stile” (translation: ‘Live freedom, with style’) is visually declined in multi-subject ads; the media strategy foresees for this first flight a 100% planning on online media, allowing a precise targeting of the target audience, with digital advertising and social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.