AIGO Consulting

AIGO helps the management team of its clients identify and define the most effective strategies to seize new market opportunities

Destination Marketing

AIGO is much more than a tourism marketing agency. Destination Marketing is in our DNA: we provide market intelligence, produce and implement marketing plans, we enhance the distribution and know how to dialogue with consumers.


Positioning a hospitality product on the market is always a fascinating challenge that requires specific expertise, such as the ability to understand brand language and values, the skills to identify a product’s USP, the capacity to optimise service both for customers and intermediaries…

Marketing and Representation

AIGO operates as a sales & marketing representative, creating and developing market policies. We define the distribution channel and assist clients with information and training activities to improve sales performance, as well as building and fostering customer loyalty and boosting sales

Public Relations & Digital PR

We help our clients build a relationship with consumers by organising public relations and press office activities. We begin by performing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of brand and product presence within the various media

Consumer engagement & events

One of the great revolutions of the internet is the return of the consumer’s central role in communications. From a mere recipient of the advertising message, the consumer has once again become an important source of information that companies need to involve