AIGOhospitality was born from the company’s extensive knowledge of the tourism market.

Positioning a hospitality product on the market is always a fascinating challenge that requires specific expertise, such as the ability to understand brand language and values, the skills to identify a product’s USP, the capacity to optimise service both for customers and intermediaries, as well as the proper positioning, pricing policies and promotion…
In order to achieve commercial success it’s important to realise that hospitality is strongly connected to cultural values.

We provide the client with a specialised team to represent them and to deal with companies and other establishments in the hospitality sector, while providing advice and expertise on communication and marketing strategies.
For several years we have worked with some of the most important brands in the industry, and thanks to an analytical approach and action plans focussed on obtaining measurable results, we can help you construct a path towards solid, sustainable and long-term market development.

  • Product positioning and competitor analysis
  • Trade and customer perception analysis
  • Definition of distribution channels (traditional and online)
  • Implementation of sales and marketing plans
  • Communication and public relations strategies