AIGO and Fondazione Cariplo join forces to promote the Brescian Resilient Valleys

2 July 2019

The “Valli Resilienti” (Resilient valleys) project, launched by the mountain communities of Valle Trompia and Valle Sabbia and co-financed by the intersectoral Attivaree program of Fondazione Cariplo, chose AIGO as a partner for a destination marketing campaign that can revamp tourism in the area and boost the appeal of the Prealps of Brescia.

The Attivaree – Valli Resilienti project gathers different partners from the social and the institutional sectors (13 local partners and 25 towns) to create a direct link with the near city of Brescia and promote a sustainable development based on the enhancement of environmental, economic, social and cultural resources, strengthening at the same time the sense of belonging to the community.

AIGO will develop a bespoke marketing strategy, managing the communication of the two main projects of the area: the “Circuito Delle Valli Accoglienti e Solidali” (Circuit of the Welcoming and Supportive Valleys), a touristic network that includes two museum systems, and the Greenway, a set of trails in the nature that links the two valleys and which is suitable for road bikes, MTBs and slow bikers.

“We are pleased to be a part of this innovative project together with Fondazione Cariplo and the mountain communities of Valle Trompia and Valle Sabbia. Together we will plan a destination marketing campaign to reactivate and increase the appeal of the Prealps of Brescia towards tourists, potential investors and locals” said Massimo Tocchetti, AIGO President. “We will be working on the growing interest towards sustainability, on nature-centered wellness experiences, on cycle tourism and on the relationship with the local communities, in order to create a varied touristic offer and revamp those areas. Our focus will be on the two main projects of Attivaree – Valli Resilienti, the “Circuito Delle Valli Accoglienti e Solidali” and the Greenway, with activities for locals, general public and green/bike enthusiasts. We are confident that a tailored and meticulously planned marketing campaign will bring a number of benefits for the whole area in the medium and in the long term.”