AIGO for ONMT – Office National Maroc Tourisme

AIGO for ONMT – Office National Maroc Tourisme

3 June 2021


AIGO has developed for ONMT – Office National du Tourisme du Maroc a quick and effective plan to keep the attention on Morocco among Italian travelers in times of pandemic. The 3 projects have been carried out in the months of November and December 2020 with revenues until spring 2021.

The use of 3 different media, addressed to different types of public, highlights the integrated approach that AIGO offers as a consulting agency in marketing and communication with a multi-year and consolidated specialization in the tourism segment, offering an effective and complete promotion of the destination. Below, the details of the 3 projects:


Le salon de té marocain, a series of meetings on Ildo Damiano Instagram profile

AIGO organized a virtual Moroccan tearoom with Ildo Damiano, trend setter and people contributor for GRAZIA (about 35,000 followers, many of them from the show). The public was thus able
-to experience Morocco through the travel stories ofCamila Raznovich, television presenter of the travel program “Kilimanjaro” on Rai 3;
-to enjoy the cuisine of Morocco with
Raffaele Alajmo, owner, with his brother Massimiliano (three Michelin star chef) of Sesamo, the restaurant of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech;
-to listen to the love story that  Marco Maisano has with the country, presenter of “Piacere Maisano” on TV8;
-to see how Moroccan design and lifestyle are represented by photographer 
Guido Taroni;
-to virtually experience a romantic Morocco with TV presenter  Filippa Lagerback and her husband Daniele Bossari who spent their honeymoon in La Mamounia;
-to explore the charm of the Atlas with the stylist  Stéphan Janson who lives between Italy and Rohuna (Tangier) where he has a large garden with native plants.

Morocco as “seen” by Radio Montecarlo, conducted by DJ Maurizio Dimaggio

RMC is a national radio station that broadcasts a dedicated travel program every evening. Maurizio, who loves Morocco, has developed together with AIGO some travel tips combined with music on RMC. Speaking of Morocco in an amarcord: the oasis of Fint and Ouarzazate, Marrakech, Tangier and Rabat, Chefchaouen and Talassemtane.
8 contents in 2 weeks with travel suggestions that came from Maurizio’s memories of Morocco, awaiting to return.

Icarus ULTRA au Maroc

Through the stories of sports personalities and  Justine Mattera, showgirl, cyclist and athlete, AIGO has created – together with the tv production company Publiteam – the concept for the content of two episodes for:
-ICARUS ULTRA – SKY SPORT television program;
-the new section “ULTRA GREEN – DIARI DI JUSTINE”.
AIGO team coordinated the production of the contents for the episodes, in which Justine meets her sports friends to plan a holiday in Morocco as soon as she can travel. No one can recommend it better than the ultrarunner Paolo Venturini (who has participated several times in the Marathon des Sables) and the athlete Giovanni Montini (who participated in a ski mountaineering competition in Morocco in 2018). The public discovered an unprecedented Morocco through the adrenaline flowing in the desert and on the high Atlas.

At this link the first episode featuring Montini; and at this link the second one with Venturini, both aired at the beginning of 2021 on SKY SPORT UNO; SKY SPORT ARENA; SKY.


1,482,321 total views of the live coverage of the Salon de thè.

1,464,000 the audience reached through the episodes broadcast on RMC.

300,000 spectators of the episodes of Icarus ULTRA broadcast on SKY SPORT UNO, SKY SPORT ARENA, CIELO, all satellite TV channels focused on sports and adrenaline-pumping activities.


  • Involvement of a varied audience through different types of media and with multiple voices (as if it were a chat between friends of the various personalities of the show on Instagram)
  • New and engaging formats, to travel with stories, images, memories and suggestions.
  • Multi-channel communication: press office activities, social campaigns, television channels.