AIGO recommends the Sigmund Project

AIGO recommends the Sigmund Project

23 July 2021

A free, open-source hub for the sharing of ideas for the travel industry

SIGMUND is a free, open-source hub for the sharing of ideas and innovation with the goal of fostering interconnectivity and finding new solutions to the challenges facing the travel industry today.

Developed by industry expert Alan Elliott Merschen – founder of Myriad Market Agency and partner with MMGY Global – The SIGMUND Project is an online platform created for like-minded individuals to connect and collaborate. SIGMUND is open to anyone who has a great idea to advance the tourism industry; from small entrepreneurs to large multinational companies, from accommodation providers to the transportation sector, from universities to startups. 

To join the Sigmund Project is easy . How SIGMUND Works

Like many others in the industry, I have always tried to connect individuals and companies with potential collaborators. SIGMUND is bringing that concept to scale. Being a not-for-profit and fully funded by foundation grants, we are in the unique position to offer the platform free of charge. Our only currency is collaboration.” declared Alan Elliott Merschen, founder of the project.