AIGO Awarded Representation of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau for Italy & Spain Markets!

25 July 2023

Here at AIGO, we just achieved a significant milestone by successfully securing the tender to represent the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau in both the Italian and Spanish markets. To facilitate operations in Spain, we will collaborate with Interface Spain.

The chosen campaign concept, ‘Come for Philadelphia, Stay for Philly,’ aptly captures the essence of this vibrant city, portraying it as elegant, contemporary, dynamic, and a thriving hub for national and international events.

Italy emerges as a pivotal market for Philadelphia, with a considerable influx of Italian tourists in 2022. An impressive count of 15,200 Italian travelers arrived, staying an average of two nights. These numbers are not only attributed to direct flights from Rome and Venice but also due to visitors arriving from other East Coast cities, given Philadelphia’s well-established connectivity.

AIGO’s dedicated team is committed to expanding the range of offerings available in the Italian and Spanish markets and fostering greater awareness of the diverse experiences Philadelphia has to offer. The strategy involves a balanced approach, utilizing both targeted activities for trade partners and direct consumer engagement. The primary objective is to booster both the overall tourist arrivals and the length of their stay, enhancing the impact of tourism on the city’s economy.

With excitement and enthusiasm, AIGO welcomes Philadelphia onboard, eager to showcase the city’s wonders to the discerning travelers of Italy and Spain.