AIGO teams up with tv program “Linea Verde” to promote the Sultanate of Oman

2 October 2019


In a time where the Middle-East is conveying a controversial image, AIGO felt the need to promote the Sultanate of Oman by highlighting its peaceful traditions, sense of hospitality and its safe environment.

AIGO team designed a project involving a top media, with a solid storytelling that could showcase the destination’s rich cultural and natural heritage. The choice fell on Linea Verde, a TV program dealing with green and cultural topics and broadcasted every weekend on Rai Uno (2,018,911 viewers on the average day between noon and 3PM, according to the official Auditel reports). Most important, the fact that Linea Verde doesn’t focus strictly on tourism, made it the perfect program for this project. Reach a large audience and help to share a positive image of the country, by focusing on the daily life of its inhabitants.


Therefore, once the details were settled, AIGO sent a crew of journalists and cameramen on a week-long itinerary across the landmarks of Oman. During this trip, they were able to give a thorough look on the country and its habits and rituals. The footage they collected was then used to make a Oman-centered episode of their tv show.

Crew focused on a dual approach, regarding both the Omani people and the natural wonders that surround them. This double action helped raise the awareness of the destination on two different topics at the same time. 1-the enchanting landscapes of Oman; 2-the traditional Omani hospitality. By showing natural attractions, very interesting from a touristic point of view, the story also instilled a peaceful and safe idea.


The Oman-centered episode lasted 57 minutes and fully achieved its objective. In fact, the crew’s impression was so positive that the overall coverage of the project didn’t stop with the program being broadcasted: it also featured 212 social posts and an 8-page reportage on “Turisti per Caso”, a travel magazine directed by the Linea Verde anchorman. In the end, the project granted the Sultanate of Oman a total reach of 7,847,927, an AEV of 8,242,300 € and a TV share of 20.3%.


  • Choosing a valuable TV program dealing more with culture than with tourism, to reach a larger audience
  • Exotic destination, with plenty of things still to discover from a cultural point of view
  • Focus on the local people, to better give the idea of a peaceful and positive country
  • Multi-channel communication, involving TV, social media and a printed magazine


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