The Outdoor Summer of Italians

The Outdoor Summer of Italians

10 August 2021

Summer 2021 sees outdoor holidays as protagonists, with 50% of travellers choosing outdoor structures for short 1-2 nights holidays, registering a 12% growth over 2020. 

The choice of holiday villages is decreasing, in favour of farm holidays, mountain huts and camping with caravans. 

The most preferred destinations and dates of travel

For open-air holidays, August remains the favourite month (36%) and in general the summer period from June to September. In August, 54% of travellers choose outdoor facilities and in September 28%, a good percentage given that 20% will go on holiday in this month.

The choice for outdoor holidays was almost exclusively in Italy for longest holidays (95% of travellers); preferred destinations Trentino (14%) and Tuscany (12%).

Propensity to travel 

For almost one out of two Italians the pandemic did not affect their travel plans, while 47% made changes to their holiday plans, and for 16% it led to the cancellation of planned holidays.

For others (18%) it led to holidays in a different place than planned; 6% changed accommodation to choose one that guaranteed hygiene standards consistent with preventing infection. 

In any case, the propensity for holidays this summer remains very good: one out of two Italian is thinking of going on holiday, on average for more than a week, with a quarter of holidaymakers choosing outdoor facilities.

Those who are inclined to use an outdoor accommodation structure correspond to 12% of Italians; the age profile is similar to last year, with a strong presence of young people (72%) and a low presence of elderly people (28%).

The guarantee of compliance with hygiene rules to prevent contagion is the second most important factor in the choice after convenience, highlighting a great sensitivity to the pandemic issue. 

In fact, the vaccination campaign also has a great impact on bookings: it entices seven out of ten Italians to go on holiday, even nine out of ten among those inclined to take a holiday in outdoor facilities.


*Survey conducted by Istituto Piepoli commissioned by Human Company and Enit. The survey was carried out from June 7th to 12th, 2021 using the CATI/CAMI/CAWI technique, with a sample of 1,015 individuals.