Observatory 2015: “The Future of Travel Distribution – II Edition”

27 January 2016

What will be the role of intermediation?
Do intermediaries will disappear?
Will consumer be increasingly independent in booking a trip?

These and other questions are answered in the second edition of the study “The Future of Travel Distributionconducted by AIGO, marketing and communications agency specializing in tourism, travel and hospitality, in collaboration with partners of Pangaea Network, made up of 8 independent agencies covering over 15 markets worldwide.

Below are the full report and the summary, feel free to download.


WEB_Il-Futuro-Della-Distruzione-nel-Turismo-IIEdizione_gen2016 Sintesi_Il-Futuro-della-Distribuzione-nel-Turismo-IIEdizione_gen2016 WEB_The-Future-Of-Travel-Distribution-IIEdition_Jan2016 Synthesis_The-Future-Of-Travel-Distribution-IIEdition_Jan2016