Italy Update, 22-26 June 2020

26 June 2020

Most of the Italian Regions are now counting fewer cases every day, most without new positive cases nor deaths, including Lombardy where the number of cases is quite low.
Government and “Stati Generali”, including the main industries and trade unions, met last week and discussed programs on how to use the EU recovery funds in order to reduce the impact of COVID19 on the economy: measures discussed will be part of the budget low for next autumn.

Today the Minister of Education confirmed that all students will start the school year with walk-in lessons on September the 14th.

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Allianz Partners conducted an analysis to predict what the world will be like after Covid, and how we will live in the post-pandemic: according to it, “short-range travel and domestic flights will recover first, but travellers’ habits will change, including continuing to wear masks or saying goodbye to loved ones outside airports. Airlines will limit the ability to carry luggage in the cabin to reduce boarding time and the risk of contamination. All-inclusive packages will be reviewed in the light of the need to eliminate buffets and ensure that each guest is served at their own table at the correct safety distances. The excursions will probably be organized for small groups and will, therefore, be more expensive”.

Finally, business trips will be reconsidered, as “the pandemic has shown that even global projects can be managed through video conferencing, reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It is to be expected that only international trade fairs, exhibitions and sporting events will return as in the past”. More info

In occasion of Pride Month, Airbnb, thanks to a partnership with the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) and the IGLTA Foundation, is now launching 100 new online experiences to celebrate Pride all year round. The celebrations will be virtual and guests will be able to travel all over the world, discovering the secrets of the Ladyboys in Thailand, watching the musical cLock Down, attending an aperitif with hosts from all over the world (United States, Mexico, Japan, Ecuador, Germany or the Dominican Republic, depending on their preferred time zone!) and immersing themselves in the LGBTQ+ culture. The Airbnb Experiences are designed to support local economies; hosts can earn money through their passions and knowledge. More info

Albino Russo, General Manager Ancc-Coop (Ass. Nazionale Cooperative Consumatori) presented the survey “Le vacanze post-cCOVID degli italiani” (Post Covid holidays for Italians), carried out by, the portal for Robintur Travel Group’s survey and in-depth analysis of Italians’ daily life. “Those who are planning a holidays think of a shorter, more sober holiday (39%), with a budget that has been reduced. Consumers put into account to save 20-21% compared to before the pandemic (30%), and looked carefully at the issue of tax credit (24%), which involves 1 Italian out of 4. More info

Amazon is now cyclically attempting to sink into tourism, proposing a total of 20 itineraries, one for each Italian region, created in collaboration with Lonely Planet, with the campaign #VacanzeInItalia, a series of ‘tours’ suggested by the portal, together with typical products to buy directly with a click. More info

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According to the latest Unwto report, 22% of the world’s tourist destinations, or 48 countries, have finally reopened their doors to tourists after the coronavirus pandemic: half of them are in Europe, which becomes the real engine of the restart of travel. The report shows that 24 of the 26 Schengen countries have reopened their borders to tourist traffic; another 13 destinations, also in Europe, have restarted. Besides the European destinations, among the countries that have reopened there are only 2 destinations in Africa, 2 in the Asia Pacific area and 6 in the Americas. More info


The appointments with Digital Portfolio Review are renewed by joining the Vogue Yoox Challenge, the contest linked to innovation in sustainability, to the idea of focusing on different areas of the world for more targeted action. After South America, and US and Canada, the third area in the world for this new round of Portfolio Review will be Africa.


Wired Italia and Humanitas, the scientific hospitalization and care institute, launched a crowdfunding campaign to support an innovative research project, with digital at its core. Artificial intelligence in this sense could be very useful to help treat people with lung diseases.



Dr. Goodall is the narrator of the animated short film “What Happened When We All Stopped”, a fairy tale for families that, inspired by the rebirth of nature in the long lockdown period, questions the future of our planet in the post coronavirus era.


Mahmood and Kappa, together with the municipality of Gratosoglio where the singer was born and raised, are engaged in the redevelopment of a multifunctional camp next to the former middle school of Mahmood, which will be donated to the neighbourhood once the work is completed.



National Chamber of Fashion launches “Korea Loves Italy”: the initiative, which this year will last about a month, wants to pay particular attention to the global pandemic and wants to share a message of hope and positivity: “Everything will go well”. The designers involved will be asked to creatively present their messages of solidarity for the pandemic.


Coca-Cola is a partner of Milano Pride. The choice of the company is dictated by the desire to enhance diversity and inclusion during the virtual events of Pride Week, supporting the Rainbow Social Fund, a solidarity fund to help the most fragile people in the Milanese community to overcome this difficult moment.



Cinemas reopen their doors: 17,000 spectators and 100,000 euros in takings


Near the famous Neolithic site of Stonehenge a large ring with huge excavations, most likely ritual wells, dating back 4500 years ago and used for religious purposes in that vast area of Southwest England dedicated to prehistoric cults has been discovered.