Italy Update, 1-5 June 2020

Italy Update, 1-5 June 2020

5 June 2020

Starting from June 3rd, Italians can freely move around the national territory and abroad in EU and Schengen agreement countries with the addition of Ireland and the UK. This is an important first step for the relaunch of European and domestic tourism, giving positive signs for the just begun Summer season and for the upcoming Summer holidays. More info

This was possible also thanks to the continued decrease of the contagion curve, which is stably lowering in the last weeks. To keep this positive trend, containment measures such as wearing masks, no crowds, social distancing will still be mandatory also in the upcoming weeks. 

On June 5th an European meeting is scheduled to define guidelines to travel outside EU and Schengen countries starting from June 16th. This will mark the first steps to the opening of global tourism. 


More info on Covid-19 cases in Italy.


The report on Euromonitor International’s Passport Travel and Travel Forecast Model to assess the impact of COVID 19 on the travel and tourism industry across tourism flows, showed that the younger generations of Y and Z will show a greater desire to travel in the first few phases of recovery due to pent up demand to be with friends and loved ones again. Digital travel brands are likely to benefit from the boost from younger travellers; on the other hand, health checks and providing transparent information on health standards for travel suppliers will be essential to reassure older travellers.

According to the research, some tourism sectors will benefit from Covid-19 as they will see a growth in the interest of travellers following the epidemic: 


Italy insights

Data show the number of Italians who plan to pack very soon rises from 19% to 48% compared to April. The trips will likely be short, maximum three days. The choice of sea destination is also increasing to 49% of those who will holiday – while “takes share” the attractiveness of mountain destinations, probably perceived as open spaces and therefore safer: 23% against 18% in May 2019. The opposite effect for art cities, stable since April at 17% of respondents’ preferences and now to 15%. More info

From abroad


Lorenzo Jovanotti designed exclusively for Vanity Fair the cover of the new issue dedicated to freedom.


Elle confirms itself as the best selling weekly on newsstands and launches the third special signed #ripartiamodaqui. In the first quarter of 2020 market share adv at +1%.



Fedez’s projects for the future are not only musical, he will become an entrepreneur to help young people and also thinks about the workers left without job in this period: he aspires to become a leader in the production and distribution of digital content to be supplied to different types of customers, first of all the big financial institutions that want to talk to young people.


Actors and musicians promoted the blackout on socials by posting a completely black background, to protest against racism in honour of George Floyd. The initiative started from the music industry who decided to “disconnect from work for one day to reconnect to their community”.



Gucci and Intesa Sanpaolo relaunch an operation aimed at helping SMEs in the supply chain to access bank credit thanks to the intercession of the brand-committer. The advantage is mutual: the strategic supplier finances growth or saves itself from the default, the brand does not lose a fundamental link in the supply chain. DISCOVER MORE

From Facebook to Apple, the hi-tech world is mobilising against racism after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Facebook will donate $10 million to groups working on racial justice. Amazon has intervened with a tweet. Twitter changed the image of its account, replacing the bluebird with a black one in support of #blacklivesmatter. DISCOVER MORE


In France there is a museum with a large part en plein air, dedicated entirely to lavender. Born in May 1991, when Georges Lincelé, opened the first Musée de la Lavande in the heart of the Luberon region, in Coustellet. With its large Provencal stone farmhouse and wonderful Mediterranean garden of lavender and olive trees, the museum also boasts a large collection of stills for the distillation of lavender essential oil from the 16th century to the present day.


Art reopens after the coronavirus. Museums and archaeological sites welcome visitors again and open with thermo-scanners at the entrance, safety distances and tickets on the reservation. Also reopens the exhibition dedicated to Raphael at the Scuderie del Quirinale, considered as the European exhibition of 2020 with already 22 thousand bookings from Italy and abroad.