The impact of the COVID 19 outbreak on global travel distribution

12 June 2020

Covid-19 and the impact on global travel distribution: a study conducted by AIGO and Travel Consul

More than 900 professionals from all over the world contributed to the study to determine how the emergency has affected the tourism sector so far and suggested what measures are necessary for the recovery of the industry.

Carried out at the end of May 2020, the survey principally involved tour operators and travel agents from the main international markets, through Travel Consul agencies, a global network specialized in marketing, communication and representation for the tourism industry. The response from the Italian trade was remarkable and contributed to the panel with 151 professionals.

In this study you will find in-depth analysis of Italy-focused data, with some comparisons with international markets:

  • the measures adopted and the loss forecasts for the current year
  • the behaviour of Italian travellers with regard to existing and future bookings
  • activities for the recovery of the sector
  • success factors for the future of distribution

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