The Oman reveals the Dhofar Territory

24 August 2015

Territory has a new airport and a dedicated website for travellers.

The Sultanate of Oman has big plans for Dhofar territory, and among them,  the new Salalah airport and a new website that allows to discover the best of destination:
The Salalah airport has been opened in the past days and the shifting of the air traffic from the old airport has already begun. The official inauguration will be in November 2015 and will coincide with Sultanate’s celebrations of the 45th National Day.
The website, which offers touristic information, lists all spots, attractions, services, activities and places to discover while visiting the Dhofar. It also provides services to rent cars and provide travellers with a list of accommodations including hotels and residences. To reach the users with smartphones, the site will soon be available in an app version with a free download!