Positive results for Mauritius: Italian arrivals up 43% in April, 2017

19 May 2017

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has released numbers that show the destination has in fact recorded continuous and sustained growth. The arrivals are up an enormous 43% (April, 2017), from the same period in 2016, with a total of 2,971 Italian tourist arrivals in Mauritius. We confirmed this positive trend early at the end of 2016, and the beginning of 2017, with an increase of 12% from January to April, compared the same period in 2016.

Mauritius Tourism’s objective for 2017 is to further increase arrivals from Italy through targeted projects and activities, focusing on the destination’s key target markets, honeymooners and families.

The trade has always been among the main stakeholders for the Tourism Authority, which continues to invest in training programs and dedicated activities. For travel agents, the agency will organise during 2017 webinars dedicated to a range of topics, and collaborating with partner airlines, hotel chains, monthly newsletters; all to keep operators up-to-date with the latest news, offers, and hot attractions regarding Mauritius Island.