Observatory 2014: “Luxury Travel Trends – 4th edition”

Observatory 2014: “Luxury Travel Trends – 4th edition”

12 March 2014

AIGO and Pangaea Network present the findings of the survey dedicated to Luxury Travel and International Trends, now in its fourth edition.

Last February, we interviewed 368 tourism professionals in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK in order to identify the trends regarding sales and frequency of trips, the average budget. The report also highlights the destinations on the rise and a profile of the luxury traveller, his needs, source of information and the main factors influencing his final choice; we also asked the to express a forecast for the current year.


ViaggiDiLusso-LeTendenzeIternazionali_IVEdizione-Abstract LuxuryTravelTrends_IVEdition LuxuryTravelTrends_IVEdition-Abstract ViaggiDiLusso-LeTendenzeIternazionali_IVEdizione