Longevity Program of Grotta Giusti wins ESPA 2015 award

3 July 2015

The European Association for Spa and Thermal baths recognized the program of the Tuscan resort as the most innovative Medical Spa program in Europe in 2015

ESPA, the European Association for Spa and Thermal baths, announced the winners of the prestigious prize ESPA Innovation Awards 2015. As far as the category “Innovative Medical Spa” is concerned, the jury of experts consigned the award to the Longevity program of Grotta Giusti Resort Golf & Spa of the group IHC – Italian Hospitality Collection.

The Longevity program was developed by the medical team of the Resort headed by Dr. Nicola Fortunati, General Director Spa and Thermal baths of the group IHC- Italian Hospitality Collection, with more than twenty years of experience in the medical-scientific management of the biggest spa centers in Italy, and coordinated by Professor Giovanni Scapagnini, Professor of Clinic Biochemical at University of Molise and Scientific Sectretary of Società Italiana di Neutraceutica. The multidisciplinary approach and the application of the latest branches in the medical field led to the creation of Longevity, whose aim is to slow down the cellular aging process, through nutrition and spa treatments.

“Receiving this award”, Doctor Nicola Fortunati says, “represented a moment of great emotion and proud. On one hand, because it rewards the great job of research and development which involved all the team of professional I am proud to coordinate and, on the other hand, because it stimulates us to continue on the path that has always characterized our work, continuing on the path of research about more and more modern and updated applications of the thermal model of health care.”