Italy Update, Week 20-26 April, 2020

Italy Update, Week 20-26 April, 2020

27 April 2020

This week all communication is about Phase 2. A new decree, ruling the transition phase towards the elimination of the lockdown, is expected for this weekend. Based on the positive data of the pandemic, Italy is getting ready to progressively reopening its activities.

The value of the Italian epidemic curve of total day-to-day contagions is still down today, confirming the decreasing trend of the last two weeks, with a reduced number of contagions and positive patients, and much more people recovering from the disease. Other positive figures include much lower intensive care patients and patients entering hospitals.

The Ministry of Health latest update is dated April 23rd at 6 pm reports of 106,848 positive cases, a total of 25,549 deaths and a total of 57,576 healed patients.
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During the weekend the Government is expected to announce a new decree that will be applied from May 4th. Anticipations of the guidelines include 3.8 M workers back to production and construction sites,  shops might reopen on May 11th and restaurants will follow. Restrictions will be reduced even if not cancelled, with social distance and protection measures as the basis of prevention
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Italian Government is studying a measure that will offer a fiscal detraction up to €325 to those who will have at least a 3-night stay in Italy in 2020, in order to support tourism industry.
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In general, there is a great desire to restart, according to safety rules for travelling (no queue at check-in, distance on flights, busses and restaurants, sanitization, new formula for entertainment with smaller groups instead of big events, etc).
  • It is confirmed the growing trend in consumer research for words as travel and holidays; after experiencing a big flection in March, started to pick up again from the beginning of April and it is keeping on, confirming consumer interest and motivation in looking forward to their next holidays.

  • Wiko, renowned telecommunication brand, conducted a survey on revenge spending among Italian Instagram community; regarding travels, 45% of participants are already planning the upcoming trips and 68% affirmed that they are considering discovering new parts of Italy during their trips.
  • Travel agencies have reopened in Germany, giving a positive sign for the whole European industry, as they are an example that tourism can start again soon, also in the other countries

  • The good side of the change: COVID-19 emergency will surely lead to a new way of travelling and this may be very positive for those realities which were suffering from the intensive tourism: wildlife, local rural communities, natural ecosystems and historic heritage.

Getting ready for the next holidays

Th Resorts is planning the reopening of 30 properties of their portfolio located in mountain and seaside destinations in Italy at the end of June, using technological innovations to secure the respect of sanitary measures. More info

Italian hotel group HNH announced that they are ready to reopen at the end of May their properties in Jesolo, a popular family and young people sea destination in Veneto region. More info

Valtur announced that they are planning to reopen their Summer villages especially in Italy but likely also in Tunisia and Egypt. They are working to make sure that villages respect the social distance, with a task force studying innovative systems as an app to manage services like check-in, room service… More info

Gardaland, the biggest theme park in Italy, is waiting for phase 2 announced by the Government in order to reopen. Big spaces, control of access to attractions, open-air activities allow them to be ready to promptly respect health measures. More info   


Venice International Film Festival is confirmed on September 2nd – 12th, 2020, as announced by organizers. More info

Travel Connections

Alitalia is ready to restart its connections from Sardinia connecting Olbia and Alghero with Rome and Milan introducing new protocols to respect health measures. More info

Etihad Airways is working to plan the restart of its operations, with connections, even if reduced, already from May 1st to June 30th, to be improved step by step with new operations. The CEO of the airline is slightly optimistic as the company is strong thanks to its shareholder and they can guarantee stability despite the uncertain period.  More info 

Delta Air Lines announced an extension of its cancellation policy, allowing passengers to change or cancel their trips up to September 2022, allowing much more flexibility. More info

Easyjet has opened booking for Spring and Easter 2021 with a special offer at €1 for the checked bag.
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