The impact of Covid-19 on travel distribution – September 2020

30 October 2020

Four months after the first edition, we have updated the research data ”The impact of Covid-19 on travel distribution – September 2020” to better understand the consequences of the crisis and conclude indications to support the sector.

Over 1,000 tour operators and travel agents across the main markets participated in the survey, which ended on September 28th.

In this study, will find an analysis of the answers obtained that will help you to have a more up-to-date picture, among them:

– how travel companies have organized themselves in terms of workforce
– the communication channels and the activities on which the experts are focussing
– expectation in terms of demand recovery
– the safety measures and the support required from the key players of the tourism industry
– what has been done to meet customer needs and which are the most requested destinations nowadays

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