AmerItalia Roadshow Milan, Rome 15-16 March 2016

18 November 2015

AmerItalia Roadshow Milan, Rome 15-16 March 2016

Over 1 million trips to Latin America
18 million roomnights and 2015 growing trend
Italy is an important source and affinity market for Latin America

You are invited to participate in AmerItalia Roadshow, the first tourism networking platform created to establish and consolidate in-market trade relationships.



The Italian tourism market is known to be among the most reactive ones. From 2014, the outbound trend has been totally reverted with an increasing traffic towards Latin America confirmed by a 2015 positive forecast.
• 1 000 000 Trips in 2014
• 18 528 000 Roomnights in 2014
• Over 200 Tour Operators programming the destination

The Italian market is a reliable source of business.



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