AIGO and CREATIVIVA: a new partnership in the world of entertainment

14 May 2019

CREATIVIVA, the global entertainment production company creating unique and visually impactful  entertainment experiences of all kinds for over 15 years, chose AIGO as their new partner in business development. With long-standing expertise in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and strong links with International institutions, AIGO will be developing CREATIVIVA’s commercial connections, bringing the company to new locations and creating opportunities to stage their performances.

Renowned for their unique and contemporary style characteristic of visionary and artistic director, Lukas Cabalka, the company creates single and long running shows and performances for every budget and event. Every CREATIVIVA production is a bespoke experience customized to their client’s unique needs and vision. Always unique, always high impact.

It’s going to be an engaging and thrilling experience, just like a CREATIVIVA show!