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Sultanate of Oman, Italian arrivals grow of +35% in the first semester

3 August 2017 News
Client:Ufficio del Turismo del Sultanato dell’Oman

The Ministry of Tourism of Sultanate of Oman announced the record-breaking tourism results from the Italian market: from January to June 2017 the Sultanate welcomed 22.497 visitors from Italy, an increase of 35,6% compared to the past year. Italy is the 6th international market and 4th European market for tourist arrivals. This result marks a… Read more

Crossing the Empty Quarter Expedition, the first to cross the Rub’al Khali desert since the 1930’s

3 January 2016 News
Client:Ufficio del Turismo del Sultanato dell’Oman

Eighty-five years since the first expedition in 1930, the Sultanate of Oman launched the Crossing the Empty Quarter Expedition journey, which crosses the legendary Rub’al Khali desert, will see a group of explorers take on a journey attempted only once in the history of the Sultanate. They are crossing the dunes of the most inhospitable desert… Read more