Silvia Rimoldi

Firmly convinced of the importance of communication and human relations, Silvia naturally embraced this field, guided by a mantra: curiosity, passion and method.

Dynamism, creativity and interest in the world and culture of its inhabitants have led her to explore communication in all its nuances and to acquire significant expertise in multiple disciplines: public relations, press office, influencer management, media planning and event organisation. A good dose of energy and a positive approach to challenges has allowed Silvia to work on complex projects, contributing to the success of many brands and the establishment of start-ups. Design lover and travel addict, she worked in interior design and architecture and has landed in the world of tourism at AIGO as Senior PR Account Executive for Airbnb Italy.

Silvia holds a degree in Business Communication from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and had incredibly enriching work and life experiences abroad before returning to settle in Italy. She recently completed a Master as Digital Specialist.