Sara Ferrari

Sara joined AIGO in August 2022.

After studying business communication, first at the Università degli studi di Pavia and later at Università Cattolica di Milano, she took her first steps in the world of public relations in an agency. She stayed there for five years and thanks to the diversity of the clients she followed, she discovered that what she was most passionate about were the stories of people and realities linked to the world of travel and culture. In her portfolio there is the communication management of the PR activity of both young startups and big companies, among them, travel booking platforms and realities specialised in outdoor travel.

After an experience in e-commerce in the fashion industry, he joined AIGO and here she returned to tourism: from hotellerie to destinations and tourism boards. She firmly believes that listening, kindness and teamwork are fundamental to PR work (and not only).

In her spare time, she enjoys practising yoga, studying and teaching (recently) theatre and indulging in escapes around the world as soon as she gets the chance.