“Qatar Day”: Qatar Tourism Authority-QTA meets the Italian media

11 March 2016

Friday, 26th February 2016 athe the Royal Pavilion of Milan Central Station.

For the first time ever Qatar Tourism Authority-QTA meets the Italian media and travel industry at the “Qatar Day” event on Friday, 26th February 2016 athe the Royal Pavilion of Milan Central Station: a crossroad that reflects Qatar, with its tradition as the meeting point between the Western and the Eastern cultures.

“Qatar Day” has been the occasion to introduce to the Italian travel industry and media the highlights and the essence of an unexpected destination in the Gulf area: the authentic Arab culture is finely shown in art of the state museums such as MIA-Museum of Islamic Art and by the UNESCO heritage places; the desert and the natural experiences and attractions like the Khor Al Adaid reserve; the vibrant and futuristic capital Doha, the not-to-be-missed real example for design, architecture and luxury lovers; the hospitality offer and the gourmet cuisine are represented  by the most famous hôtellerie luxury brands; the never ending list of international events and the magnificent desert which lies until the sea creating more than 500km of phenomenal beaches.

The focus of Qatar Tourism Authority, represented in Italy by AIGO, will be the positioning of the destination as a new place to be in the Gulf area for the leisure target, promoting the image of the country through its mix of tradition/modernity, desert/sea, sport and cultural events. QTA Italy will strictly work with the main travel industry actors organizing educational, co-marketing activities, beyond an intense communication activity and digital marketing to reach the consumer targets: families, couples and honeymoon, golf lovers and millennials.

Total Attendance:
-22 Tour Operators: Alidays, Alpitour, Amo il Mondo, Azalai, Best Tours, Gastaldi 1860, Gattinoni, Onirikos, Ruta 40, Green Velvet, Hotelplan, I Grandi Viaggi, I Viaggi di Maurizio Levi, Il Viaggio, Loft Studio Viaggi, Mistral, Naar, I Viaggi del Mappamondo, Volonline, World Explorer, Zetatours, Uvet
-58 Travel Agents,
-32 Media,
-10 VIP guests
-Articles:  14
-Audience: 200,000
EAV: 8,508