5th edition Oman Workshop at Palazzo Clerici in Milan

12 March 2015

The 5th edition of the Oman trade Workshop was held in Milan, in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Clerici, with the aim of consolidating the relation between Omani tourist industry and the italian tourist  industry. The market has shown over the last 4 years the growth rates of more uplifting reaching a 22% of increase with 31,858 passengers in 2014. The distribution of the Oman product in Italy is today well-articulated and features a wide variety of products thanks to the intensive communication and training implemented in the market through events like lo’ormai traditional Spring Workshop.

The entire concept and production of the event from the location to the preparations; the selection and involvement of the participants; the organization of the press conference, who also presented the activities of Oman at EXPO 2015, up to the management of the Omani delegation in Milan.

24 Omani companies
103 Italian trade operators in one-to-one meetings
65 media + 25 special guests attended the press conference
36 articles published for a total readership of 3,884,638 and an AVE of € 93,686