Oman Sultanate triples arrivals in 2014

29 June 2015

In 2010, as a consequence of the opening  of the direct air connection Italy/Muscat operated by Oman Air, the Ministry of Tourism decided to set up a permanent presence in the Italian market and appointed AIGO as its representative to increase the destination awareness among travel trade; to position Oman Sultanate as top of mind destination in Tour Operator brochures/programs on UAE; to build up the brand image among consumers; to finally increase arrivals from Italy. In 2010 we had a little less than 10.000 Italians visiting Oman Sultanate.

-Maintenance of close relationships with key players within travel industry
-Organization of the yearly Oman Roadshow to connect local offer with Italian travel trade (TO, TA, Incentive Houses)
-Participation in relevant fairs (logistic and coordination for the Omani delegation, trade and PR support  at the stand)
-Training sessions and fam trips for T.O. booking staff
-On-offline TA trainings
-Co-marketing with TOs, airlines, travel networks and affinity brands (workshops, seminars, consumer events, golf tournaments…)
-Creation and production of promotional material
-Communication btob and btoc (Edem, Enewsletters)
-PR and media relations
-Visiting journalist program, press groups, tv reportage, blogtours
-Social media engagement (production of contents and motivational campaigns)
-Consumer advertising campaigns

Results (year 2014)
– 34.000 Italian arrivals in 2014 – 40% average growth yoy from 2010
-102 Tos  + 5 Ota feature Oman in the brochure (+ 21% over 2013, were 41 in 2010)
-700 trained TAs  and 1.782 enrolled on the Oman Academy
-1,436 TAs and 687 consumers involved in BtoB and BtoC events
-12,383 Italian fb fans (+116% over 2013)
-352 articles generated + 5 TV broadcasts (+28% over 2013)
-Audience 72,897,217 (+18% over 2013), AEV  € 8,577,471 (+21% over 2013)