Israele increases its presence in Italy with AIGO

14 April 2017

AIGO has been selected by the Israeli Government Tourist Office (IGTO) for a communication program and development program, aimed at promoting Israel to the Italian tourist market.
“In 2016 we recorded a 4% growth on international arrivals, and 2017 is keeping this positive trend. Europe is one of our key markets, of which Italy has always had a more prominent role. One need only think that we embrace every year about 91,000 visitors: this in itself shows the continuing Italian interest in our country – said Avital Kotzer Adari, ICTO Italy Director – “We chose AIGO as our partner agency, because of their in-depth experience and knowledge in marketing and tourism communication. We know that this collaboration will help us promote all aspects of our country and our unique tourist attractions. In response to the Israel Ministry of Tourism, we understand Italy is one of the most important target markets, and want to continue fostering this connection. Israel is the cradle of creation where cultures merge from age-old tradition and charm to contemporary style. The one certainty is everybody who comes leaves charmed by our natural beauties, bountiful good cheer, amazing cuisine, and vibrancy of our international events. Some examples of this beauty can be seen throughout our country in attractions like the Dead Sea or even Balearic places as Eilat by the Red Sea.”
“We are proud to start this collaboration and we are without doubt the charms of Israel will continue to enchant our Italian travelers” – said Massimo Tocchetti, AIGO President – “The early working program will be very intense and we will have to focus some aspects of communication. Our drive is to reach a broad spectrum of key markets such as lovers of discovery, culture, religion, responsible tourism, and many other related travel niches, thus awakening them to this extraordinary rich tourism destination we know as Israel.”