Barbados and Press Tours: formation for Rome’s travel agents

4 March 2016

Together they will meet with travel agents in Rome for a night dedicated to the “coolest island of the Caribbean”.

The educational meetings from Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. continue on February 4rth, when it will meet with Press Tours travel agents in Rome for a night dedicated to the “coolest island of the Caribbean”.

Claudia Beretta, Account Supervisor for BTMI in Italy, says: “The training of travel agents has always been a priority for the tourism organization and an important focus for the activities that happen in Italy. The agents will be trained in a “classroom” where they will be taught the e-learning Barbados Pro program that has over 1,250 members. “

During the evening, guests will discover, through the words of BTMI experts and Press Tours, the variety that Barbados’ tourism has to offer, with differentiated products that meet the different needs of different types of travelers, from honeymooners, to families, to groups of friends and lovers of water sports. They will also be taught the wonders of the island, the coast, inland, gastronomy, entertainment and sports activities, the news of ‘hôtellerie and upcoming must-see events.

The Press Tours team will present Barbados’ 2016 program: it is proposed as a dry destination, and as the sea extension when visiting the United States or Canada. Itineraries, tours and sea trips “custom-made” thanks to advice and to online booking, now even more intuitive and immediate link with the function” Google Site Search “and” Travel Architect “.