AIGO, Israel Ministry of Tourism and Donna Moderna together for the DM Negev Adventure

27 November 2018

Five Donna Moderna readers ran a 50 miles marathon in the middle of the Negev desert to help promote Israel as a popular touristic destination.

To promote the Negev Desert (and Israel in general) as a touristic destination, AIGO partnered with Donna Moderna, one of the most popular lifestyle magazines in Italy (with 1,5mio weekly readers and over 746,000 Facebook fans), and created an unprecedented campaign: the DM Negev Adventure. From June to October more than 1,800 readers volunteered and trained in three special camps (Turin, Palermo and Pescara) hoping to be selected for the final stage of the project: a marathon in the Negev desert. Five female runners were then chosen and sent to the desert, where they spent 4 days running a four leg 50 miles marathon.

From the training camps to the last leg of the marathon, Donna Moderna included the Negev Adventure in its social posts, on its website and in their weekly newsletter. Above all, Donna Moderna produced various editorials on its weekly printed edition, mentioning not only the Negev adventure project, but also some info about Israel as a touristic destination (places to visit, local culture, history and whatnot). Negev and Israel logos were always in plain sight.

AIGO and the Israel Tourism Office granted an extra coverage by posting info on the DM Negev Adventure on social media, including it in a monthly newsletter, sending out a press release and, most importantly, organizing a promotional pre-run event at Mondadori Store in Duomo Square in front of 97 attendants.

Thanks to its wide circulation, Donna Moderna granted the project a very high coverage. The fact that readers were involved firsthand generated lots of enthusiasm about the DM Negev Adventure, helping the affirmation of Israel as a popular destination. In particular, the net audience reached was 12mio readers, for a total value of €540,000.

The DM Negev Adventure literally boosted the Italian tourism in Israel: October 2018 marked a +14% of arrivals from Italy compared to October 2017, while the January-October period showed a record +63% increase.